Day 5 Video 2: Completion & Closing (53:03)

Shar begins this retreat completion with a short talk from Kalindi, “Be Happy — Our Father Has Come,” speaking about how when so much light comes in, the darkness also comes up to bother everyone. Kalindi cautions us to stay alert and not let the illusion get to us, because the light will prevail.

The Lady suggested we close this Retreat with readings from Kalindi’s book “Ultimate Freedom, Union with God”. Shar plays an audio clip from The Lady to explain the special circumstances which led to the book. And we hear from Caitlyn and Ronna about the importance of the book, Gourasana and Kalindi to their friend Sarah, who recently died of brain cancer.

Shar closes the retreat with a reminder of how important the Seminar has been to all of us and a request that we speak of the Seminar effortlessly to people we meet who are attracted to it.