Day 5 Video 1: Interactive Wrap-Up (2:07:46)

We begin the day moving with Kalindi’s music – inside and out. Daniel welcomes everyone and Tamara begins with a guided visualization of what will happen as we emerge from the cocoon of the Retreat. Many people from Denver and Arizona share their realizations from the retreat.

Journal about these questions Tamara poses, and share with friends:

  • What challenging, material-world circumstances are you likely to face?
  • What strategies do you personally have in your toolbox to face your challenges?
  • What does it mean to you personally that the power of an Incarnation is here?

Tamara also speaks about the additional offerings available at the Denver Center. (You can go to to read more about the many ways you can participate at the Center.)

Then Juan plays a phone call with The Lady about the content of the day devoted to David Swanson. During the next Retreat, The Lady would love to lead an all-day meditation following David’s path – chanting on behalf of the suffering peoples of the world.