Day 5 Video 1 (3:19:13)

This is the final day of a very remarkable event. You will hear from Vince, Juan, The Lady, Gourasana. Settle yourself again in depth to take it all in.

Special note: Early in this segment, Tristan leads a heartfelt chant with the whole group. In her explanation of how the chant came to be, she refers to “The Announcement”. The Announcement was Kalindi’s request to a disciple, Kendra Gamble, to officially announce Gourasana’s arrival to the world via a press conference held on October 10, 2010.

Additional Note: When David Kramer speaks about new releases from the Bookstore (, please note that the Bookstore also will have available “Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death” e-Book in English and “Kalindi’s GMP Series” in MP3 format.

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Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death by Gourasana – Spanish E-book

The Chant sung by Tristan

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2019 Retreat Releases

Lyrics - The Incarnation Chant