Day 4 Video #4 – Sharing (1:31:57)

After the period of contemplation, several participants from Denver and Arizona spoke what they are committed to doing following this event. Shar suggested that if you handle negative thoughts, you will have handled many of The Ten No’s. The Lady recommended: when a negative thought occurs, preach to yourself the opposite. Vince offered that The Ten No’s are the filler we use to keep from feeling the pain of a false belief. As we let go those false beliefs, we experience the ecstasy of freedom.

Activity: Get very clear about what actions you are going to take coming out of this Advanced Intensive. You can share these on the blog on the first page of this course as a commitment to yourself to take action. Also, feel free to share your gratitude, realizations, questions and anything else you want on that blog with everyone doing or reviewing this course.

Thank you again for participating!