Day 4 Video 1: Personal Interaction with Vince and Juan (3:07:56)

Vince recaps how the Retreat has unfolded so far: how we are all moving together so amazingly, every site around the world. Juan emphasizes that we all have unique paths, and yet we are all here, moving together,

Vince and Juan both take a little time to review the final round of sharing and how to receive kind, truthful feedback: give in love, and as a receiver, openly receive. If we are triggered, they encourage us not to judge or try to fix ourselves (that is still in illusion) – but instead to pull on God to let go and situate ourselves with Him.

The morning continues with sharing from many people in each area, with commentary from Juan and Vince.

Journal for yourself (and share with close friends or on the blog if you choose) about these questions:

  • What will you take home from this Retreat?
  • What are keys to your success?
  • What concepts do you have that they can poke holes in?

Finally, for the coming break, listen to Shar’s suggestion that we write a personal letter or prayer to God. That will set you up for the meditation to follow.