Day 3 Video 7 – Juan continues with Rules to Live By (2:09:01)


Juan continues sharing about rules and talks about some of David Swanson’s “Rules to Live By” as well as The Lady’s “Five Rules to Live By.” (See rules in right hand column for your reference). Juan invites participants to share about what they are finding for their own rules.
Then Juan invites Karin to share about finding her rules to live by that Kalindi gave her during her time as Kalindi’s caregiver. This video ends with Juan sending us back into a round of sharing on how the mind creates obstacles to success and what rule you may want to put in place to counteract this. He refers to Kalindi’s “Obtaining the Impossible” slide which is also in the right hand column for your reference.

When we come to the part of creating your “Rules to Live By,” journal to answer each of these 5 questions to help you uncover your own most important “Rules to Live By.”

  • What do you need to do to succeed? How am I going to succeed? You already have this knowing inside, like, “I need to …”
  • How does your mind challenge your spiritual movement? What will you do about it?​
  • What do you see that you could willingly give up in order to gain something spiritually?
  • What statement of absolute truth immediately snaps you out of confusion, negativity, judgment and discouragement, and puts you into the core of truth?
  • Meet with friends or members of your household, and invite them to share with you the areas they feel in which you may want to have a rule to live by – maybe they see areas that you are not aware of. Keep it simple – no explanations. An example could be: “You might want to think about a rule that would help you not to be sarcastic or cynical.” Juan asks us to really do this conversation in Humility– with a lot of respect for each other and desire to help.

As you realize your personal rules to live by feel free to download the “Rules to Live By” document specially designed to help you remember your rules.

David Swanson’s Rules to Live By

The following are some examples of David’s Rules:

  • No giving up.
  • Suffering is OK.
  • No question of giving up.
  • Gourasana has given me one strength, and that is to never give up.
  • Gourasana’s mercy is that my life is only suffering.

The Lady’s Rules to Live By

  • Love The Lord above all else.
  • Meditate.
  • Only do what is most urgent.
  • Never worry about anything.
  • Be open to timing.

Click on the link below to download the iItem:

Rules to Live By - 2017 

Attaining the Impossible - Kalindi