Day 3 Video #3 – The Ten No’s – Personal Examples – Part 1 (2:21:29)

Discouragement, Judgements, Negative Thoughts, Assumption/Speculation (2:21:29)

Juan begins with a sobering expose’ of how the illusion continually tries to affect us and prevent us from escaping its grasp. He reveals how it works to fool us into thinking it is a safe place to be – in fact, how fighting it (engaging it) can even seem to be part of our transformation. The way out is to become conscious – to wake up to what you’re thinking and doing, in the moment, and walk away.

  • Dive into The Ten No’s with Juan – and build an illusion-free zone. And it is your fierce commitment to these “No’s” that will cultivate that freedom. If you are in reaction to the word “No,” listen to Juan’s example of his resistance and what happened to him.

Activity: After each of The Ten No’s is presented by a member of the European community, journal about how each “No” has appeared in your life. Take one at a time, as Juan walks you through this. You may find you have many examples of each. Take heart – this exploration will help you identify the moment you allowed each of The Ten No’s into your consciousness and move you forward just by the fact that you are exposing them, even if it is just to yourself.

In the future, you can walk away if that moment comes again. In the time allotted, dive deep into your own exploration. You may be surprised by how many realizations you have about how you relate to each of The Ten No’s.

  • Also, see if you can apply what you learned about Triggers from the day with Vince; apply it to each of your examples in the time allotted on the video for sharing. See if you can walk down the Trigger Cascade each time it is relevant and get to the bottom-line pain or false belief that you can identify.