Day 3 Video 3: Shar & Tamara on the Mind, Triggers and Calm (2:41:44)

During the second portion of this day, Tamara and Shar help you explore how the illusion affects your ability to be calm (through things like your senses, habits), and what you can do to counter its effects.

Exercise: Contemplate and then answer this question: How does being calm relate to the illusion? Look to see how this exploration give you perspective on the 3-4 personal problem areas you identified for yourself on Day 1. Journal about what you discover, and share if you’re doing this course with others.

Shar plays a short clip of a conversation between Gourasana and Kalindi.

Exercise: Journal and share about these questions:

  • How does being in one of the three most obvious signs take you out of being calm?
  • How does laziness correlate with not being calm?

Tamara introduces control of the mind, emotions, senses – control of the being in the context of being calm.

Exercise: Journal and share about this question: How is being in control related to “calm and connected” for you?

Tamara continues – the senses can distract you from God, because you’re trying to get some comfort or fulfillment from them rather than facing a deeper pain or insecurity. These illusory comforts give a false sense of calm.

Exercise: Journal and share about this: Where are you most out of control of your senses, that causes you suffering?


  • If you have a copy of Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death, read the three quotes Tamara speaks (#214, 215 and 217). Journal about your realizations from these quotes.
  • Tamara next turns to discussion of sex on the spiritual path. Listen as she quotes Gourasana, and see if any of His direction applies to any areas in which you feel your senses are out of control. Is Gourasana’s quote helpful? Is there any part of what He says that you can apply to your life? In which areas do you want to do an activity with awareness or exercise control? What could you do specifically?

Now listen to the audio clips that Tamara plays and the quotes she reads from Gourasana. Loss of control of your senses means you’re not going to God in that moment. Practice control.

Exercise: Time for exercise! This is a kind of meditation – follow along as Tamara leads us. This movement exercise closes this part of the day.