Day 3 Video 2: From Anger to Calm (1:18:20)

Shar begins this session with an introduction to calm and having a focused intent. Tamara continues to speak about calm and gives a quote from Gourasana.

Shar shares a quote from Gourasana about effort.

Exercise: In this sharing/journaling exercise, continue to be honest with yourself and those participating in this day with you. And give this your best effort. Journal or share about these two items. Think about each question individually (not together) and journal about them individually:

  • What are the prevalent emotions that take you out of being calm? Look deeply and see both the obvious and less obvious ones.​
  • What are the thoughts that take you out of being calm? Search for both the prevalent and the more subtle.

A meal break is next. During this break, think and journal more about what things pull you out of being calm. Some examples are excitement, drama, sentiment, the energy of your job.