Day 2 Video 5 (3:15:53)

Day 2 Video 5 – Gourasana Talk #4 – “Striving To Be Happy Is A Mistake For One Who Truly Wishes To Become Aware” – Part 1

This video has an hour of silence at the beginning. Please use this time to calm yourself and prepare to be with The Lady.

At 1:08:20 on the video, The Lady continues with the completion of the talk from the previous video.

Next is the first half of the third Gourasana talk for this day of the Retreat. Stay focused; if you need to walk at times, do so with your complete focus on Gourasana. He is delivering non-stop truth. As before, please take notes if you wish, and you can share with friends if you desire.

To listen to the Gourasana talk as an audio recording on its own, click on “Materials” tab at the top of this page.

The Lady closes Day 2 again with encouraging quotes on sleep from Gourasana.

And as always – go to sleep in prayer.