Day 2 Video 4: Vince on Devotion – Part 2 (1:11:15)

The To Dos of our material lives can be experienced as acts of devotion – and in doing so, our hearts open. Do everything because you love God. Listen to the examples Vince gives, and become aware of where you may need to open more to giving unconditionally – and receiving.

Vince introduces Susan R. and Teresa J. to relay their experiences of being in devotional service to Vince – and to God. Let them inspire you to be courageous about the changes you may want to make to become more humble, more fully devotional in every moment of your life.

Next Vince leads us in a few guided virtual awareness exercises designed for us to see how we may or may not be living in devotion to God, to others and to ourselves. He also speaks of the practice of dollar-a-day devotional giving to Gourasana and His Mission, in gratitude for what we have received from this work.

Where do you want to make changes in your life in order to have more devotion in every day and aspect of your life.

Video to Watch: Chef’s Table

Vince recommends everyone watch the series “Chef’s Table,” season 3, episode 1. You can find this video on Netflix.
The episode is about how a South Korean Buddhist nun, Jeong Kwan, approaches cooking as a spiritual practice. But her meals have left some of the world’s best chefs in awe.