Day 2 Video 4 (2:28:46)

Day 2 Video 4 – Gourasana Talk #3 – “To Come to Me You Must Have Faith And Courage To Go Through These Trials”

The Lady invites participants to comment on what they heard from the initial talk of Gourasana. If you are with friends, you may also want to listen, then pause the video and share amongst yourselves. If you are alone, you may want to schedule some time to share your thoughts with trusted friends or to take some time to journal.

The Lady speaks of how Gourasana became accustomed to using David Swanson’s body during the first Retreat. She then plays the second of three Gourasana talks for this day. Toward the beginning, you will hear one of the participants breathing in short bursts – that is spiritual energy moving in that person’s body. You will also notice that the quality of the recording varies, and towards the end of the recording, The Lady reads from the transcript because the original recording wasn’t available. The Lady continues reading the transcript on the next video.

As you listen, let yourself become absorbed in what Gourasana says – He is speaking directly to you.

You can listen to just the Gourasana talk by clicking on “Materials” at the top of this page>