Day 2 Video 3: Teachings; Where to Go From Here (2:11:42)

30-Day+ Overview; Your Goals; Debriefing REs; Closing

This video completes the opening event of Living God-Consciousness – 30-Day+ Transformative Experience. This program is not about fixing anything – it’s about becoming aware and bringing more of God into your life.

Take full advantage of the 30+ days in this program – allow the miraculous to happen. Don’t be concerned about whether you “have time” – let yourself discover how time flows to match your desire. In taking this leap into change, we are having an impact not only on ourselves, but also on all others who come in contact with us.

Next, Sara tells you how to set yourself up logistically for the month. The projects you will address are:

  • Weekend #1 – Kitchen (refrigerator or pantry)
  • Weekend #2 – Bedroom
  • Weekend #3 – Closet and clothes
  • Weekend #4 – Your choice
  • Weekend #5 – Completion

For this month, be bold; be radical; choose to stretch so that you experience the kind of change Kalindi describes. You may not accomplish everything you set out to do, but the experience of change will change you! Remember, Living God Consciousness is a practice, which means it is a constant experience. See what happens inside – to your sense of calm, your connection to God.

Working on Your House Projects

If you are participating in this make-up course with a group of people, we suggest you do your home projects together if possible, so you can support one another. Maybe visit one house on the first weekend, another on the second, etc. And if a weekend doesn’t work, schedule time during the week for the project.

Helping each other will give you encouragement and prevent resistance, judgment or discouragement from gaining any foothold. While you won’t have “house fairies” visiting you and helping during your work projects, as those attending the live event did, you can inspire each other to keep going.

If you are participating in this course on your own, see if you can recruit a friend or family member to help with your house projects. The support and sharing you can do will help immensely.

And if you are completely on your own, schedule your house projects at times that work for you. Choose a buddy with whom you can share your experience and questions.

Use the five Thursday Freedom Walk meditations on this site to continue week after week to work on your projects. They are meditations that were happening on various topics supportive to living in God-Consciousness. These meditations are all structured GMP meditations, so you have time to calm and think about whatever is the next most urgent thing for you in the program. Of course, go to or stream current meditations from the Center. If there is a Breakthrough Meditation during the month you are doing this program, you can always use that to go further and move through any obstacle that arises.

There are 3 one- hour recorded Zoom calls posted for this program. Each is on a different aspect of your house:

  1. Kitchen including pantry and Refrigerator
  2. Bedroom
  3. Closet and clothes

These calls show you a video of each area and give you the teachings and principles for that area.

If something comes up that you want to share with Tamara, Sara or Chiara, please call, text or email them.
You can also schedule Spiritual Counseling for any further personal help you need.

RE Form for God-Consciousness

Objectives of the 30-Day + Program

  • Invite God’s Presence into your life.
  • Make more space for God in your life by consciously choosing activities that bring your closer to God and stopping bad habits that keep you in illusion.
  • Incorporate Love, Beauty, Gratitude, Devotion, Discipline and true personal care into your life more.
  • Learn to trust when you know you need to make a change.
  • Raise your level of God consciousness in your surroundings.
  • Simplify and create order with your material things.
  • Learn what problems or chaos may be in your life, that come from not enough simplicity or efficiency.
  • Learn how to let go of things you don’t need.
  • As always, share and give with people. They will be feeling you different.
  • Make a note of what it is you personally want to let go of internally.