Day 2 Video 2: Meditative Thinking (21:27)

Meditative Thinking, Contemplation & Sharing

Chiara reviews your breakthrough meditation from yesterday and your accomplishments so far.

Then she introduces a period of contemplation and sharing so you can consolidate your awareness and your commitment to letting go of the main habit in your way right now.

  • Don’t worry about how you will let go the habit – just think what it is and your commitment to change.
  • This is not about fixing anything. Trust God.
  • It is so important to clearly identify what you want to let go of, and make a commitment on your part to do the work necessary to do so. Your desire to let go is Everything.

As before, when Chiara announces sharing, either share with those in your group, or journal if you are alone. Let the video file run while you journal and share and Chiara will instruct you when to do the next thing.