Day 2 Video 1 – Setup Before Breakfast (15:28)

Set Up for Devotional Projects

In this video, Sara sets the consciousness for doing a devotional project prior to breakfast. Kalindi did projects with her disciples all the time – it was a way she brought in teachings. It is also a way to bring spiritual consciousness into the material world – “devotion in motion”.

Find your own small project – bring devotion to a particular area of your house. Some suggestions: You can clean an area, or organize some of your belongings. You can go through a drawer and debrief it– sorting things into where they need to be and getting rid of excess. Whatever you do, do it in as much God Consciousness as possible. Put music on that evokes God’s Presence for you, or listen to a talk of Kalindi’s like Constant Change (you can download on this site) or Offer Yourself to God.

And, have part of that devotion be to make a beautiful breakfast for yourself, as if you were preparing it for God. But before you begin, make your bed or put your bedding away (neatly!).

After breakfast, gather your meditation bag, journal or clipboard, REs and water bottle, and continue to the next video (Day 2 Video 2).