Day 1 Videos 2-5: Contemplation and Sharing time

Sara introduces Kalindi’s talk called “Living in God-Consciousness”, and tells how The Lady has recently taught us to listen to and study Gourasana’s talks. This recording (like all recordings) is Kalindi talking to you personally. Please do the following with that in mind:

  • Read the transcript (download the transcript by clicking “Materials” at the top of this page)
  • Listen to the talk while reading the transcript; underline, circle, make notes on the transcript – work it.
  • Listen to the talk without the transcript.

Then follow Sara’s instructions for contemplation and sharing contained in the videos below. If you are alone, your “sharing” can be writing in your journal or notebook. If you are doing this course with others, then share among yourselves. Finish each exercise on the video before moving on to the next one. Please allow yourself four hours for this part so you can thoroughly explore the topics presented.

Video 1 of 4: (1h 36 m)

Video 2 of 4: (15 m)

Video 3 of 4: (3 m)

Video 4 of 4: (4 min)

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