Day 1 Video 5: Gourasana and Kalindi about Thinking (2:13:47)

Day 3 Video 5: Juan Introduces Further Talks from Gourasana and Kalindi about Thinking

In this video, Juan presents several audio clips from Gourasana and Kalindi about how to contemplate, think deeply, and stretch your mind, increasing its capacity and your ability to help yourself – succeeding at knowing how to succeed in the joyful thinking part of the meditation. Succeeding at staying equipoised even in the face of calamity. Set yourself up to listen, contemplate, and follow Juan’s instructions.

Gourasana said (paraphrased) that freedom means you have control over your mind and your senses; they are not controlling you. The loss of control generally means you are plunging into unhappiness and suffering.

This period of talks and contemplation is followed by meditation with Juan. At the end of the evening there is homework for you.