Day 1 Video #4 – Facing Your Death (1:25:41)

This video begins with watching the internet video: “Lazarus” (David Bowie) and listening to the song “Oh Death” (Ralph Stanley), then listening to the talk by Kalindi called “Truism of Death”.


What in you was triggered by the video, the song, and the talk by Kalindi? Write 1 or 2 sentences about this in your notebook. What deeper false belief do you have about yourself that is beneath this trigger? Again, write briefly about this.

Continue to watch as Vince works with several people on what triggered them during the videos and in listening to Kalindi’s talk on death.


Next is a series of songs, audio clips and talks by Vince, The Lady, and Gourasana about avoidance of death and denial of the dying process. Set yourself up to listen, take notes and fully participate. Close your eyes at the beginning and listen. Here are the topics:

  • The denial we have about our own death; the forms that denial takes.
  • The Lady speaking to her team about Patria’s passing and the recorded message she sent to Patria.
  • Vince teaching the spiritual practice: How to Practice Dying.
  • Staying open-minded at the time of death – have no concepts of how you think it will be.