Day 1 Video 4 & 5: Juan in Munich Part 3 (2:54:01)


This part has two videos.
In the first video, Juan continues with another guest in his “living room” and through their discussion suggests that we all have more information than we want to acknowledge about decisions of next steps we need to take in our lives. He encourages us to be open about how to live our lives and to be open to that information throughout this retreat.

Juan expands on this by saying that we forget and that forgetfulness is one of the most insidious tricks of the illusion. God is about remembrance. All spiritual work is about remembrance of who we are. When we remember we know who we are and what we need to do. We need to construct a lifestyle that helps us to remember.

Juan also talks about the power of distraction and its relationship to forgetfulness. “We live every day under the dust of forgetfulness and the antidote to spiritual amnesia is to make every possible effort to recall God in every instance of our day.” Juan continues by talking about his own personal experience with this and coming back to moment by moment awareness.

Juan next traces the steps of David Swanson’s journey calling David “the seed.” He shares his own journey in getting to know David Swanson. He reads about David Swanson and then invites Annette to share about Kalindi’s writing of the “Mission Statement” and the qualities of David Swanson that were important to Kalindi for us to remember.

Lastly, Juan introduces a video of The Lady reading from David’s journals about his rules to live by. He also invites Bruce W. to share about his recollections of video-recording this event of The Lady reading David’s journals. Bruce shares first, followed by The Lady’s video.

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