Day 1 Video 3: Juan on Thinking Continues (1:59:49)

Juan plays an audio clip of Gourasana speaking on the GMP®. It’s titled “Further Notes on the GMP®”, spoken on March 16, 1995. Set yourself up to take notes on what he says, so you can apply the information to your own meditation.

Exercise: Juan sets us up now is the time to think and respond to these questions:

  • What is your relationship with meditative thinking?
  • What keeps you from putting in the single focus, attention, time, thoughtfulness in meditation? Write down your main obstacle to meditative thinking, and keep it alive in your reflections over the next day.

Juan now introduces an exercise called “100 Subject Meditation” with several audio clips from Kalindi from February 2, 1995.

Exercise: Follow Kalindi’s instructions: On a page in your notebook, write down 100 subjects, about which you could write 100 related topics. (You are not writing the related topics – you are writing 100 subjects.)

Next, choose one of those subjects and write it at the top of a new page. Then write 100 topics related to that subject. When we apply ourselves, we think very creatively. Imagine the spiritual pleasure in getting information on the question, “What should I do next?”