Day 1 Video #2 – Sharing and Teachings About Triggers (1:13:02)

Preparation and Activity:

Have your clipboard, journal or notebook ready. Set yourself up to participate in a personal round of sharing by writing your responses to the questions Vince asks. After this activity, take out the Trigger handouts you printed and follow as Vince leads us through the teachings. Take notes on the handouts if you like.

Trigger Teachings:

Follow Vince as he takes us through the “Trigger Teachings”, “What to Do When Triggered”, and the “Trigger Cascade”. Take notes as his comments relate personally to you. Listen closely when Vince works with a participant to go through the Trigger Cascade. Listen to the questions he asks and how one leads to the next, until the participant reaches the deep false belief (and painful feeling) which underlies her reaction to the trigger.