Day 1 Video 1- Introduction to Living God-Consciousness

Beginning the Program – Introduction

What follows is a heartfelt, absorbing, prayerful let-go, a prayer walk, videos and talks featuring Kalindi and a welcome by Tamara. Invite God’s Presence to you – find your personal prayer.

(Continue to scroll further down the page for the words of the prayers from The Lady and Kalindi.)

Prayer & Excerpt from Prayer Walk

From The Lady to Invite God’s Presence:

“Consider prayer as an invitation to God, your Best Friend, to come into your life. Invite Him:
‘Please, I want to know You.
I want to feel You.
I want to love You.
I want to serve You.’ ”

From Kalindi:

“Come within. Come. Come closer to me, and you will be coming closer to the presence of the Lord. If you can feel me more, that means you are coming closer to the presence of the Lord because I am completely with the Lord, inside of the Lord.

If you feel me, you will also be beginning to feel the presence of the Lord, because that is what I carry for you. Not saying that I am God, not at all. But I carry the presence of the Lord to this world so that it can be felt.

That’s what your focus needs to be. If you want to have the Lord and you want to feel the Lord ever deeper and ever deeper, then you need to meditate on that and pray for that and focus on that.”

“God Consciousness”, 2007