Day 1 Audio 2: Overnight Sleep/Morning Meditation

Meditation During Sleep: Waking Up into Meditation (6:20:27)

Make sure your computer is plugged in and set the volume so that you can hear it as you sleep and when you get woken up.

When you have prepared your sleep area and you are lying down on your bedding, click on the link below for the overnight meditation. You will sleep for about 5 hours before you get woken up and taken into a morning meditation. If you don’t feel you will wake when you hear speaking, set an alarm for 5 hours so that you will be wakened gently.

And trust that something marvelous will happen for you as you sleep, because it will.

After you wake, you will hear Sara speak of having a light snack. When you hear that, pause the recording and take about 5 minutes to get something simple to eat for yourself (breakfast time will happen in a little while, and we will give you instructions on how to prepare a fuller breakfast later).

Next, bring your light snack back to your meditation space, continue the recording and follow Sara’s instructions for the morning program.