Day 1 Audio 1: Breakthrough Meditation (6:36:30)

Now you will enter a breakthrough meditation for the next many hours. Before you start, eat a light meal so you aren’t full when you meditate.

Make sure you have what you need: snacks ready, meditation bag, water, notebook or clipboard. Let yourself be guided by the leaders’ speaking and the talks that are played.

Your breakthrough meditation continues into a True Realm meditation and then you will be preparing for sleep. It is all one flow. Be prepared to meditate for 6 1/2 hours, when you start.

After meditation:
At the end, follow Sara’s instructions to set yourself up to sleep in your place of meditation with cushions, blanket – whatever you need. (You may also sleep in your bed but continuing to sleep where you meditate can help you to let go into the deep meditation and into a sleep meditation as well).

Once you are ready, go right to the next module called “Audio 2: Overnight Sleep/Meditation”.