Week Two

Week Two Homework

  • Spend the week focusing on opening.  Use your awareness to watch how you shut down and then how you open during the week. Use the tools to open. When you feel full, triggered, stuck, disconnected, practice releasing and/or screaming.  Use the week to experience opening and releasing. Go into a bathroom and scream. Even walking can be a meditation.
  • Read Gourasna Meditation Practice Part One.
  • RE’s every morning to start your day focused and more calm. Set aside a certain amount of time for RE’s like 10 minutes. And see how to use it during your work day to keep you calm and focused.
  • Go to sleep in prayer: When you go to sleep it is a time when your mind is less active and you are more receptive.
  • Make your own sign/drawing that motivates you to stay open and is about your desire.

Sorting Your REs

  • You all realized that using your RE’s can be helpful to clear out your mind and stay calm. 
  • It is important after you get your RE’s out that you find a way to sort them, review them periodically, and take action on them when it is time. Otherwise, your mind will keep trying to remember them even though you wrote them down. 
  • You can sort your RE’s and move them to the place of the next action. Like if you have to do something today—it goes on the list of things for today. 
  • When you sort your RE’s, you are making decisions an prioritizing.  At lot of people avoid the sorting part due to fear and inability to be in action. You can use your meditations to help you get through the obstacles that keep you from making decisions about and taking action on what is important to you.