Week 2 – Love Yourself

Continue Practicing Your Disciplined Lifestyle and “Love Yourself”

“Love God, Love Yourself, Love Each Other”

“There needs to become a peace inside of everything,
not complacency, just a peaceful existence
because the intensity of the true selves and the energy of God is so intense.
And you’re going to be letting it in more and more.
So you need to learn how to live this lifestyle.”


To live a life with discipline is not necessarily easy.

  • What are your challenges; where are you succeeding?
  • How are you doing with the one action you wanted to take or your anchor?
  • How is being on the Lifestyle helping you to Love Yourself more?
  • Keep journaling and share your realizations with friends on the Freedom Walk Path.

Just like the GMP, you need to learn it, learn it, learn it, practice, practice, practice.
So when you get to deeper parts of your transformation,
the GMP will be right there to take you through
and you will practice the GMP for your whole life.


“Reasons to Exercise” from Kalindi

Reasons to exercise:

• To live healthy.
• To prepare yourself for deeper spiritual transformation.
• To have enough strength and endurance to make it through what you have to make it through – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Kalindi La Gourasana
Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 meditation with Pepe. The mediation is 2 hours and 28 minutes.