Week 1 – Love God

Beginning Your Lifestyle in the spirit of “Love God”

Remember you are practicing the Disciplined Lifestyle out of how you want to live your life with God. Continue with what you worked on at Go Deeper Day:

  • This first week start to make your schedule and live by it without being rigid. Look at your whole week and start writing in what you know of your schedule for that week.
  • Choose whether you want to make your daily schedule in the evening the night before or as part of your morning program.
  • Use your “Assessment Questionnaire” from the Go Deeper Day and have each area of your life reflected in the schedule. (You can make an assessment by using the Assessment Questionnaire posted on the right side)
  • Then take one “anchorthat you want to start to become part of your life that week:
    • It might be meditation, exercise, giving, time with family or yourself.
    • It is personal; trust yourself.
    • Take this one anchor and find the right day and time to put it in your schedule.
    • Stick to it (or adjust it) and practice your lifestyle by working this one component. (As explained at Go Deeper Day, an “anchor” is a component you choose to start with to build your lifestyle around — something important that you want to accomplish, like exercise.)
  • Journal about your realizations, questions and discoveries.

“The way to the simple teaching of “Love God, love yourself, and love each other as yourself” is through
love and devotion to the Lord, God, number one.”

Kalindi, “Offer Yourself To God”
Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018 meditation with Tamara. The meditation is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

This document contains a list of the original components of the lifestyle according to Kalindi.

Original Components from Kalindi