Video 3 & 4 – Q and A; Living in God Consciousness; Worthiness and Change (1:43:00)

A few questions and answers begin this portion.

Next, an excerpt of Kalindi’s talk “Living in God Consciousness” is played. Vince calls attention to Kalindi’s introduction, where she tells us how to listen to her talk – alert, open, ready to hear. Kalindi challenges us to create radical change in our lives, substituting God Consciousness for our old habits. Click on “Materials” at the top of this page to download a transcript of this.

Vince speaks on worthiness and tells “The Cinderella Story.” He encourages us to bring forgiveness and love into every interaction we have in the course of a day. This is the first video listed below.

Once you finish viewing this video you are ready for the round of sharing as instructed below. Once you are finished journaling, watch the second video listed as Vince completes this section and sets up for meditation.

Round of Sharing: Journal about your willingness to substitute forgiveness and love for the ways you normally respond to things happening to you in the course of a day. Address these two questions:

  • How will you use your 1 or 2 qualities to move you into forgiveness and love of someone who may have hurt you?
  • What action will you commit to are you willing to practice to make this change? Choose actions from the two slides: “Why Were the Saints, Saints?” and the “St. Francis Prayer”. (See also the handouts you can download by clicking on “Materials” at the top of this page.)

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Video 2 of 2: