Talk 5: Beginning Stages of Emotional Release

“The only place where the endless love of God is –
within you and within those who will go within
to bring forth that endless love of God.”

“Within everyone there is pain, heartache, loneliness, despair, hopelessness, anger, resentment, blame, rage, guilt, shame. And the list goes on and on. You cannot heal these things through the mind. They do not go away through the mind. They are inside of your being.”

“And it is all of these feelings and emotions that must be opened and felt to their depth, with a consciousness of releasing everything into the fire of God’s light and healing power so that your being can open up and start to become freed up and more deeply connected to God and your true being – your true being in God. That is a lot different from the false identity and false ego of illusion that you have become identified with.”

“And as your being becomes more open,
God can actually enter into you with His love, presence, and energy
to assist you on your journey towards truth
and towards the endless love of God
that lies within you.”

“You may be of the nature where you do not feel at all. You feel nothing, and you feel stuck whenever you try to go into Part One. You may say you have nothing to feel and you feel fine and you have no problems. In that case, sit in deep prayer and pray to God to help you to open up your heart to it’s longing and open up your emotional body. Because everyone has deep, deep longing and deep despair and hopelessness – everyone on the face of this planet. And if you cannot feel your own, feel others’.”

“Your true being is in God, and to try to live separate from that is the cause of your endless suffering. As you open to God more and more through deep releasing, letting go, and unveiling the heart and the true nature fully, you will be on your way to returning to God’s love.”

“That is a great consciousness to achieve, because it puts you more in touch with living a more God-conscious, loving lifestyle from where you can help mankind to a much greater degree if you yourself come to live with that consciousness.”
“The world needs to learn this GMP, whether they’re going for freedom or whether they want more love and truth on this earth to occur. It is about time for the world to get going – everyone in the world, in every country, everywhere in every situation.”

“So please learn and practice the GMP for yourself and the world at large,
and get others to use it.

It will help the world so greatly.
We have to start moving in that direction now.”

Kalindi, Beginning Stages of Emotional Release,
Kalindi’s Original GMP Series, talk #5

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Talk 5: Beginning Stages of Emotional Release

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