Talk 11: Learning how to meditate

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“Structured GMP and the This and That GMP,”
which is talk # 11 from the GMP Series:

“In order to flow in the free-flowing nature of the This and That GMP, first you must master each individual Part in order. The recommendation for learning the Parts is to pick a period of time in which you will meditate, say one hour when you are beginning.”

“To start with, use a one-hour period where you are not distracted by any outside influence and where you commit to that one hour and do not leave your meditation until that hour is up.”

“The mind, the illusion, will try to have you leave your meditation period, and it comes up with a lot of reasons for you to not meditate. So be strong and don’t leave your meditation. Try to see to all of your bodily needs before beginning meditation.

If you are at an hour commitment when first learning the meditation, then what you do is take the first fifteen minutes to release your emotions and go into a prayerful state of consciousness. Now, when you are first learning this, you may not even be able to release any emotions, and what you do in Part One is to be in a deep state of prayer, and perhaps even there is frustration and desire growing, but you are deep. So you do that for the first fifteen minutes.”

“Then you take the next fifteen minutes to calm your being – your mind, your senses, and emotions – and when you are calm, completely calm, you then begin Part Three, where you think, and you can do that for about a half an hour. That completes your one-hour commitment, and you will have gained so much in all three areas of your being and then be able to move in your daily life with a clearer, more open consciousness and able to make good decisions throughout the day.

Keep practicing the structured meditation until you understand somewhat how to practice all the Parts.“

“You will understand the This and That GMP (the free-flowing format that include the 4 Parts of the meditation) once you learn all the Parts and how to use them all. So begin to learn the Parts.”

Be patient with yourself. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t give up.”

“This meditation is it. It is a gold mine, and it does bring you very quick, concrete results, and it does improve your overall life and well-being. But you must practice it, all of the Parts.”

“Eventually, you will come to a point where you love the meditation and you look forward to doing it because of the great benefit it is as you do it, and then afterwards as you go into action and see your life begin to blossom.“

Kalindi, GMP Series Talk #11 – “Structured GMP and the This and That GMP”

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Talk #11: Structured GMP and This & That GMP