Talk 10: Part 4 of the GMP: Action


Where you listen, say yes, and act.

“When you found the direction to take in your life in the many areas that will arise, and you’re clear about that direction, and you’ve thought through the necessary steps to take, then you must enter part four which is action.”

“It’s called: do it.”

“And it’s very important that you continue to meditate daily because while making changes and moving forward you’ll come across pain, fear, guilt, anger, resentment. So many feelings will be confronted in you as you’re in action.”

“So you’re going to need to continue to meditate while you’re in action.
Take time every day to do that.”

“It’s very important to remain calm and clear while in action, so you can, in the moment, be accessing all necessary information for smooth transition in your daily living.”

“So, Part One is essential to Part Two, which is again to calm, and from a calm state you can think clearly and act properly with accurate decisions made. It takes control of your being to remain calm and open.”

And I’ll say it again and you should make a sign,
There’s nothing sweeter than control.”

“If you do Part One, Part Two, and Three, but you skip over the action of Part Four, which is to change, move forward, and do the needful, you will have missed the point of growth and evolution and helping yourself.”

“Don’t let your fear stop you.
Never give up.
Don’t even consider giving up.”

“And don’t let laziness or complacency stop you from meditating, using the GMP so you can move forward constantly in every aspect of your life, accurately.

“Life is very short and there’s so much to accomplish, and if you desire ultimate freedom, you must be willing to go through radical changes within a short time, which require action.”

GMP Series, Talk #10

It may look hard, but going into action will continue to move you toward the light. 

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Talk 10: Part 4 – Action

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