Setting Up Your Humility Notebook And Downloads

To begin the Humility program you will need to set up a special notebook devoted to this program. This page provides you specific instructions on how to do this.

The Lady asks everyone doing this program to get a notebook to keep all your notes and thoughts organized. To do this, get a notebook that you really like, with 100 sheets. Also you will want to get “repositional” tabs. You find links to examples of these items in the “Materials” tab at the top of this page

Tabs to set up:

  1. “Notes” – 30 sheets
  2. “40+ Acts” – 10 sheets
  3. “Realizations” – 10 sheets
  4. “Weeks” for weekly focus – 15 sheets
  5. “Eval” for Daily Evaluation
  6. (Optional) Whatever you want: “RE’s”, “Quotes”,” Journaling”, etc.

There are also PDF downloads in the “Materials” tab. You can print the Pray for Humility sign for the cover of your notebook. There are other quotes formatted to fit into your notebook.

Examples of elements for the notebook are in the links below. Please note that the links are to access the US-based Amazon website, and may not work outside the US.

Notebook Sample

1" x 1.5" Tab Sample

2" x 1.5" Tab Sample

Click on the name of each item to download. 

Gourasana On Humility Quote short

Gourasana On Humility Quote long

PrayForHumility-SignBook US-4


The Lady Light Prayer

Humility Perpetual Quietness