Message #5: The Lady shares the video from Martin sent on Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Dear Friends,
Recently The Lady received a video from Martin Adam in Munich. The video was a montage of images and video celebrating the closing of the Munich Center. Martin described the video to her:

“As a member of the media team, I was recently asked if I could recap 20 years of our closing Munich Center with a videoclip. I felt the work I did on it was so permeated with His Love and magic that I had to interrupt again and again to meditate. It was so joyfully intense; my heart was burning in tears of gratitude. As I never created a video before, I was in awe, how it evolved and flowered. We showed it at a community meeting.”

The Lady absolutely loved the video. It made her cry with tears of joy and happiness to see all the people in the video, and to see the success of the Munich Center for these 20 years. She called each of us on her team to talk about how wonderful the video was and how much it affected her. She very much wants to share it with all of you too.

In love and friendship,
John Valentine for The Lady