Introduction into The 21-Day Program on The Disciplined Lifestyle for Rapid Transformation

“Love God – Love Yourself – Love Each Other”

Spiritual paths to freedom, serious spiritual paths,
require a disciplined lifestyle conducive to
accomplishing necessary spiritual activities
as well as taking care of all other aspects of your life.
There is time for each individual to accomplish everything necessary,
spiritually and materially,
and at the same time care for the physical body in every way.


This 21-Day Program is meant for you to practice embracing Kalindi’s teaching of living a “Disciplined Lifestyle for Rapid Transformation.”


  • This program starts with a Go Deeper Day, arranged in a series of 6 videos. Start the program with the Go Deeper Day.
  • After the Go Deeper Day, there will be a weekly focus to help you move forward.
  • Make sure to journal during these 21 days! Ask questions, write realizations and triumphs, and make a note of things that inspire you.
  • Watch for a “Materials” Tab in some of the sections. There may be helpful materials to download for your program.

Stay away from judgments, discouragement and negative thoughts!

It will take time to fully appreciate and feel like you ‘get the hang’ of the Disciplined Lifestyle that Kalindi is talking about. You don’t need to feel rushed or pressure yourself.

It is important though that you start.

Maybe you need to overcome some barrier. That is ok and part of the movement. Use the GMP to help you more forward.

“The illusory being has to be trained to be on the side of this Disciplined Lifestyle
so that the True Self can come in.”