Humility in Daily Life

It is a time to increase humility and love, care and respect for all while dealing with all the changes in daily life.

it is important to practice the GMP to:

  • feel and release all our feelings,
  • get through our fears,
  • pray for ourselves, each other and humanity,
  • stay calm,
  • think clearly and
  • be in strategic action.

You can always go back to any of the posts from the last 6 weeks, or review the Freedom Walk Path Day on Humility and listen to The Lady and Gourasana again.

We encourage you to continue with humility just as much as in the past 6 weeks:

  • Let’s all continue our 40+ acts of humility.
  • Let’s continue to journal and gain awareness
  • Let’s continue to meditate
  • Let’s each create a temple in our living spaces where we can retreat and have a beautiful, inviting, calming, God-inspired place to meditate. Make sure it is private and comfortable. Have your meditation supplies all set up: tissues, hand sanitizer, writing materials, water, scream towel, headset. Build an altar, or maybe change up your existing one: Put something on it that inspires you to pray for humanity at this time.
  • More than ever, lets pray the prayer that The Lady gave us last year. (You can download this quote from the “Materials” tab at the top of this page.)

Lord, Please help me to
“Come into the Light and Stay in the Light”
so that I may be a presence of calm
in the eye of the storm for others.”

The Lady, Nov. 6, 2018

Download the quote from The Lady:

The Lady's prayer to 'Stay In The Light'