Humility Focus – Week 6

Become More Aware

We are all discovering so much about being in humility. We are becoming aware of how humility feels in our bodies, and how being in our egos feels in our bodies. Continue to become more aware this week.

As I said, you all have so much ego, so you must begin to break down that ego.
The ego can be understood very easily by that it believes that it is better than everyone else – that its thoughts are better than anyone else’s – and that of course, because of the greatness of your being, you deserve the best treatment that is available.
So you look for opportunities to be a little humble.


Continue finding and practicing your 40+ acts of humility.
Observe and Contemplate:

Focus on one instance at a time of where you were not in humility this week. Gain more awareness. When your being of illusion/ego is activated, your emotions, mind and senses will also be activated.

Examine each incidence:
What was going on in your mind, in your senses and/or with your emotions? Pull it apart and be specific. Ask yourself questions to discover more about what is going on inside of you.

  • Pay attention to yourself throughout the day. Observe yourself as much as you can.
  • Keep track of what happens in your mind, senses and emotions when you are not in humility. Keep your notebook with you and mark down what you observe there.
  • Take some time each day to journal about your observations.

During this week:

  • Keep journaling. What is your new awareness?
  • Keep meditating! Use the GMP to release feelings – to release illusion – and to find your way back to humility when you are not in it.
  • Keep evaluating at night. This way you will know how you are succeeding and what to change. 

Remember every time you practice humility and treat others with care you are at the same time “pleasing the Lord.” You are also raising the consciousness of the Earth and bringing His love in.

Find this sign in the Gourasana Sign book or download:

God wants you to be Humble