Humility Focus – Week 1

Keep Thinking and Finding 40+ acts of Humility and Practicing Them

Humility is so important.

There is no end to the discussions that can be there about humility.

Take a meditation and think how you can increase your acts of humility and show your acts of humility, and how you can show them so that they are sincere.

The majority of you are not thinking half as much as you need to think. That’s why this meditation has been introduced. Sit down and think. Have a tablet and a pen next to you, and write down every idea that you come up with that you can practice that will increase your humility and show that humility to another human being.

After you’ve considered them and made sure that they’re all right, then practice every one of them. And then in a couple of months practice them again. After a while you may have worked up
forty different ways to practice humility.


What is happening for you as you practice humility?
What are you realizations? What are you learning?

  • Continue to set up your Notebook if it’s not complete, and use it.
  • Review your notes from Gourasana’s talk, for inspiration.
  • Contemplate the Sign Book quote below. You can print this by going to the “Materials” tab at the top of this page.
  • Share your discoveries and realizations with others.
  • Daily: Remember to Pray for Humility and Evaluate how you are doing at night.

Find this sign in the Gourasana Sign Book or print the PDF:
"For Humility know this" .