Day 5 – Completion

Welcome to Day 5

As usual, please print your documents before this day begins. You will find them on the “Binder Contents” module for Day Five.

The day starts with a rendition of Gourasana’s Mission Anthem. Please join in.

The day continues with presentations from each of the 8 breakout groups as well as a report from our Arizona Conscious Aging Community. There is a surprise for you in this video which will really have you intimately feel part of the experience of the Mission Seminar.

There is a Presentation by Katy and David Kramer, beginning with Kalindi’s talk “Talk to the Forward Thinking Group and Business Team 1”, which goes behind tab 29 in your binder. Katy announces that there are 6 Saturdays designated for projects and think tanks to happen, days that won’t be used for other spiritual events: October 3, 10, 24, 31 and November 7, 21. October 3 and 24 are open to people not in the US.

Please take time to journal about what you are realizing from this Mission Seminar. Find your personal declarations.

Finally, The Lady joins everyone on this last day to share with us her experience of the Mission Seminar as well as responding to questions that arose throughout the seminar, continuing to bring spiritual teachings to us all in her responses.

Thank you for joining, thank you for all you do and continue to do. Welcome to Gourasana’s Mission!