Day 1 Video 5: Vince (1:54:21)

Day 1 Video 5 – Vince 

Vince continues discussing Part One of the Meditation by addressing wallowing and issues as they relate to Emotional Release. He refers to the “issue box” described by Kalindi and reviewed by The Lady in her “Issue Box” talk (click on “Materials” at the top of this page, to access links to the bookstore for relevant talks).

Exercise: Share or journal about this question: “How do I know if I am wallowing in feelings versus letting go and offering my feelings up to God?”
Exercise: Journal about what you heard in Kalindi’s talk which Vince played, “Emotional Release and God”.
Exercise: Share or journal about where you see laziness in yourself in the context of Part 1 of the GMP®, and what you’re going to do to change that.

Vince compares the transitory human feelings we have to the transitory nature of our “shoe”, as Kalindi has called our physical/emotional body. We release feelings in Part 1 of the GMP® because they are transitory – not real – and they keep us separate from others and from God. Kalindi has asked us not to cry about the feelings, but to release them – push down the wall they create.

Exercise: Stand and do a full GMP®, pushing down the wall of feelings inside yourself in the space of 20 minutes.

Exercise: During the meal break, set up your RE Notebook. Choose topics for your tabs that are relevant to you. Also – If you notice that you’re not feeling calm during this break, what can you do to become calm? You can journal about this; identify some actions you can take. Identify the ones that can help you in your day-to-day work.

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