After Opening Event: Daily Spiritual Practices

Immerse Yourself in God’s Presence

God is everywhere all of the time.

Immerse yourself in His Presence as much as you can, all day, in all ways. Let every day become an adventure of inviting more of God’s Presence. Practice having your focus on God while doing everything you do, all day long.

This page included some practices from which you can choose to begin and end your day, and also to practice throughout the 30+ days.

These practices will help you to move away from the material world toward living your life with God – conscious of God. Replace some of the material activities with spiritual practices that invite His Presence right to you.

Spiritual Practices During the 30-Day+

During this 30-Day+ Transformative Experience, there are several spiritual practices you can fit into your daily life that will further your connection with God. These practices lay the groundwork each day for both your transformation and for the very particular areas in which you will be making changes in this program. Click on “Materials” at the top of this page to download a list of possible practices to consider.

Blog: How’s it going?

This discussion is now closed but you can still read the sharings of people’s realizations, thoughts, questions, love about the program. Click on “Materials” at the top of this page to download everyone’s sharing.

Examples of Songs for Meditation

Below are examples of different types of songs that can be used for meditation. These are examples only and you are encouraged to find your own songs that help you with letting go, meditation, and calming.

“Let Go Song” Example

My Head’s in Mississippi by ZZ Top

“20 Minute Meditation” Example

Dunes of Mercy by Zucchero

Zombie by the Cranberries

Lovin’ You by Sarah

Hope for Morning by Christopher Williams

La Mort Du Loup by Vangelis

“Calming Song” Example

The Fairy Ring-Part One by Mike Rowland

Light Beings

You can purchase a poster of the Light Beings from the online bookstore: